Manual Chapathi, Paratha and Naan Recipes: The 10 Greatest Chapathi, Paratha and Naan Recipes Ever

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  1. Top 20 Different Types of Indian Bread - Crazy Masala Food
  2. How to make roti recipe or phulka (Step by Step Photos):
  3. Chapati Recipe

Apply oil or melted vegan butter on the rolled out flatbread. Pleat it from one side to the end. Roll it up and seal. Roll it out until flat.

Top 20 Different Types of Indian Bread - Crazy Masala Food

Roll it out into a stuffed circle paratha. Roll out a 6 inch or larger flatbread, Add filling of choice like grated cauliflower, mashed potatoes etc with spices like cumin, or use this broccoli chickpea filling. Gather the edges together like a dumpling. Press to seal, then press down to flatten. Use a little flour to roll the ball into a thick flatbread. Cook on the stove and serve! Hi, I am Richa! Love flavor, easy, creative food? It helps readers and helps more people find the recipe online!

I love hearing from you all! Love the idea of adding spinach to flatbread! The parathas look beautiful just before being rolled!! I love parathas especially the flaky one! Ooh, yum! And I love your ideas of stuffing it like a burrito or with a vegan breakfast scramble! Thanks for your always beautiful recipes!

Did you say that you have a gluten-free version of the Spinach Parathas in your new book? I ordered the book some time ago from Amazon. I love Indian food, and long for vegan versions of the recipes. Thanks for your recipes and handy hints!! There are 3 gluten-free flatbreads in the book, in which you can substitute the water or non dairy milk with spinach puree!

They look fabulous an yummy. Nice and a healthy filling for a paratha.. Love it. Thank you! I was keeping my eyes open for a yeast-free bread in stores and recipes I come across on the Internet. Anyway, I was keeping my eyes open, but not looking very hard. It will make you able to stick to the short cooking time, which I love! Thank you very much!!

Hope your recovery goes smoothly. Because of my brain tumor surgery and tbi during, i have balance issues and have a hard time with the rolling. When was this? Would you share your story? Have you heard of Chris Wark who wrote his book Chris beat Cancer?

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Wishing you many blessings. Warm Hugs, Denise. The details are on my about page. Yes ive heard of that book. I recall you use a dedicated skillet to make flatbreads, pancakes, crepes, etc. Can you or your readers recommend a good one? Should it have walls or no walls? In other news, just got your book in the mail and cannot wait to try the recipes! I have most of the ingredients, although still am missing a few. Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into what I know will be soon be a well-worn friend in my kitchen!

I use cuisinart green gourmet line and wearever ceramic , both are pfoa and pfoe free. Will go with the shallow wall for now and maybe add as needed. Will review your cookbook as soon as I make a few of its recipes! Have to stick with gluten free. If ot, then you can use that. Add enough to make a soft dough. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then roll it out using more chickpea flour.

You will have to use lighter strokes to avoid breaking. I have made these tonight. I often make enchiladas from the oh she glows cookbook, but I strive to only eat stuff I have made myself. So when I use store bought tortillas, it bothers me. I read that you wrote that you can use these flatbreads to make burritos and I thought hey why not use them for the enchiladas. And it worked.

I love them and I love the spinach added to them. And easy to make! I just live off these flatbreads! I have my burgers, do the lazy pizza, a huge raw salad sandwich and have some with vegetable or my ever favourite lentil soups, or dhals. So versatile. I never used to believe that having gf could be such a pleasure so I go a bit mad in the kitchen! I do find some a bit tough and add a spoon or two of my yoghurt and that makes thing so soft and creamy. My home is a madhouse! I should like to know also if you do a Indian spiced type version of this life changing bread so many are talking of, I should just love that and will give it a go as I think it may suit me well.

Hi this flatbread looks super yummy!! I would like to avoid this too refined flour. I prefer to freeze them uncooked between parchment, or partially cooked. If you freeze them fully cooked, then they might dry a bit on reheating. The uncooked, rolled out flatbreads can be put directly fromt he freezer onto a hot skillet to cook and they taste just like freshly made. I have no idea what a cup is when reading the ingredients. Is this an American measurement or a standard measurement I should know, or is it really a coffee or tea cup filled as described.

How to make roti recipe or phulka (Step by Step Photos):

Looks to be a lovely bread and I would like to try to make it. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The flour is mixed with salt and powdered cumin seed in some places and formed into a dough which is then made flat and deep fried.

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  • This bread is most commonly served with boiled potato vegetable puri-bhaji. Thepla is the speciality of Gujarat. It is mildly spiced bread cooked with fenugreek leaves, wheat flour and other powdered spices. Usually, it is served with pickle or any other vegetable. It can be eaten as a replacement to the chapatti. It is made from dough containing the mixture of white wheat flour Maida , yeast, yogurt, butter or ghee, water, and milk.

    The Naan tastes best when served hot. The more it is let to sit the chewier it gets. The laccha paratha is another speciality of Punjab. It is also called as the Paratwala paratha. Parat in Punjabi means layers and layers that can be seen on the paratha. The dough is quite similar to that of the regular dough. The only change is that it is in the form of layers.

    It is served with almost every vegetable. The Bhatura is a Punjabi variation of the puri. It is larger than the size of a puri. The dough is prepared using refined flour, curd, salt, oil, and water. It is deep fried in clarified butter or oil and served piping hot with the gravy preparation of chick peas, famously known as chole bhature. Paranthas are Indian bread those are either served with vegetable preparations or savoured with chutney or dahi.

    It has normal dough preparation of wheat flour or refined flour. Paranthas are stuffed cauliflower, potato, paneer, bottle gourd, and radish. These paranthas are also suitable to be served as breakfast in most parts of India. These are renowned as aloo parantha, gobi parantha, muli parantha, paneer parantha. Bhakri is a thick flatbread made from flours of different grains such as Ragi finger millet , Bajra pearl millet , Rice, Jowar sorghum.

    It is more coarse and thick as compared to the roti or the chapatti. It is served with gravies or chutneys. Again it is a common preparation in the regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. A staple of the South Indian cuisine, Dosas are pancake look alike bread made from fermented rice and gram flour. Rice and black gram seeds are soaked and ground into a fine paste which is let to sit overnight for fermentation. This batter is used to make the pancakes which are served with sambar, chutney or other vegetable preparations.

    Again prepared from the same batter as the dosa, it looks more like a crepe. The edges are thinner while the centre is slightly thicker. The difference between the dosa and appam batter is that dosa batter is left a little longer for fermentation. Pathiri is again a rice flour pancake, commonly made in the Malabar regions of South India. The initial process is like that of the dosa. Further, the pathiri pancakes are soaked in coconut milk. The pathiri pancakes absorb the flavour of the coconut milk and are served with chicken preparations to make the spice easy on the pallet.

    Also in the month of Ramzan, some Muslim communities serve pathiri at Iftar. It is a sweet flatbread preparation mostly made in the Deccan and southern regions of India. The puran is stuffed in small dough balls and rolled to flatbread and roasted like the chapatti.

    Chapati Recipe

    It is best served with a drizzle of clarified butter i. Baati is a baked bread preparation from the desert regions of Rajasthan, certain areas of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

    It is hard unleavened bread made from flour, oil, and water. It may be stuffed with onions or peas.

    Paratha , How to make paratha , three easy ways

    It is served with different kinds of hot piping dals and ghee. It is an important delicacy of the dal baati churma dish. It is high in nutrition content and also has a long shelf life. Rotti is a well-known Mangalorean bread type served with a red chili chicken preparation called as korri rotti. Roti is made from boiled rice.