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  1. How to Run an Instagram Contest: A Step Guide
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  3. The Ultimate Guide to Running Online Competitions

This example from Montreal-based shoe brand asks participants to tag three friends, increasing the odds of additional tags. Brands with big budgets may also wish to incentivize tags with double prizes. Another way to encourage tags is to let them count as multiple entries. To enter: 1. Like this photo 2. Tag a friend in the comments 4.

How to Run an Instagram Contest: A Step Guide

Tag more friends for more chances to win [one tag per comment]. Winners will be selected at random and notified via Instagram message shortly after. Open to contiguous U. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Instagram or Whole Foods Market. Shopkins toy brand uses this type of contest to showcase its products.

Simply featuring the winner in Instagram Stories was enough to prompt 45 comments in this contest, three times more than its previous post. Caption this, SPK fans! Psst, best caption will be featured on on our IG Story. Comment your captions down below!

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Winner announced on 22nd March on IG Story. Giving followers a prompt can inspire more comments. Ask them to tell you why they—or a person they nominate—deserve to win. Or ask them to come up with a name for a new product. For a chance to win a print of this Saskia Skoric painting, participants were asked to come up with a name for it. I shall announce the winner on 23rd February.


Over the course of one week, Chipotle kept its Instagrammers on their toes with a series of successive games intended to get people excited about the addition of queso to the menu. That led to 22, comments and a year of free queso for the winner. People love to have their say. Create a contest where a vote counts as an entry. Ask users to vote in the comment section of a post, or create an Instagram Stories poll.

This is also a quick and easy way to collect feedback from your audience on something important to your business. We need you! By entering, you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age, that you release Instagram of any responsibility, and that you agree to Instagram's terms of use. Which one did you like best?

Red Roast Chicken or Shanghai Beef? Ginsoy ExtremeChinese votetowin. This type of contest can also be paired with a submission-based campaign.

6 Simple Facebook Contests You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

Comp ends at 2pm on A post shared by Riedel UK???? Brookes Blooms ran a similar contest. But, instead of using a date as an entry deadline, they set a goal of followers before drawing a winner. Open Australia wide! Simply follow this account and like the corresponding post on my Instagram page! Post pictured in second photo. Winner drawn once brookes. Ask people to follow and share your post. Or ask them to tag someone in the comments so you can reach and hopefully entice non-followers to come aboard.

We are giving away one of our lunch boxes to one lucky winner! Winner will be announced on Sunday the 2nd of June! A post shared by LuxuryEco luxury. Another great way to reach new potential followers is to partner with an influencer. Keep in mind that the terms you agree upon may influence the partnership cost. Lufthansa teamed up with influencer Marissa Cox ruerodier to reach her audience of K followers. Please DM me your address details etc…. But accounts that run monthly contests or draw winners weekly have a better chance of earning loyalty and maintaining follower counts.

A few years back, Expedia noticed that tbt was the fourth most popular hashtag on Instagram. Our winners in action! Brands that are on the brink of passing a follower milestone like earning that capital K or M beside a number can use the occasion to build momentum. There are a few ways to approach one of these campaigns. The New England Patriots asked people to RT or share the hashtag 1MillionPatriots for the chance to see their name on a custom digital jersey.

To enter, participants had to explain why they deserved to win a special New York experience. It was awesome. If you are my 2 millionth follower — I will give you an amazing Singer sewing machine! Spread the word and RT. Brands can ask people to follow them, or they can give people a reason to follow them. If you play Facebook games like Candy Crush or Farmville, you can offer to trade in-game gifts for votes.

If you participate in online forums, especially if they are sweepstakes-related, be sure to change your signature to invite people to vote for you. How many people do you email each day? Encourage them to vote for you by changing your email signature to include a link to your contest entry. Many sweepstakes and savings forums give you the opportunity to request votes for your contest entries when you support other forum members.

Tips for Organizing Your Own Social Media Contest

These vote exchange forums depend on a give-and-take. It's poor form to pop in, request a vote, and never return AND you won't get a lot of votes that way. Note that some contests specifically restrict the use of vote exchange forums. Some people have held their own giveaways, either by giving people who vote for them the chance to win a prize or by using them to spread the word about their contest entry. Be careful, some contests prohibit the use of giveaways to encourage votes, though! Reddit is an online community with a ton of users who could help you win your contest.

It's important to use Reddit respectfully, though, to avoid being banned. Here are some tips on how to get a post to take off on Reddit. Design some funny, cute, and eye-catching flyers advertising your contest and why you should win. Make sure you make a tear-away area with the contest's website so that people will know where to enter when they get home or a QR code that people can scan with their smartphones.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Online Competitions

You can use Canva to make professional-looking flyers for little or no money. Put the flyers up on free notice boards at your grocery store, your kids' school, your swimming pool, or anywhere else in your community where people congregate and flyers are allowed. Talk to your boss about whether your place of business can help you win your prize. Perhaps you could put a flyer up in the break room, spread the word on the company intranet, or spread the word in a newsletter.

This tip is only likely to work if you are in the running for a very large prize. But if you are, contact your local news organizations. They might enjoy a human interest piece about how a local guy or gal is in the running for a juicy prize and run your story on the radio, on television, or in the newspaper, which could get your community voting for you. YouTube is a powerful platform for reaching the masses, and with some practice, you could get those masses to vote for you. You could make a simple video describing why you deserve those votes, which you can link to from forums and social media.

But if you are feeling a bit more creative, you can try to create a viral video and ask for votes in the annotations. Viral videos can reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people. If you are lucky enough to have a video take off, having even a fraction of those viewers vote for your contest entry could make a huge difference in helping you win. There are many shady or spammy ways that people use to try to win voting contests. Some websites and Facebook groups sell them outright. Some people use sites like Amazon's Mechanical Turk to exchange micropayments for votes. Most contests consider buying votes to be cheating. Some people also try to cheat by taking advantage of weaknesses in the contest's design, like faking IP addresses or creating fake accounts to vote.

But think carefully before trying any of these sketchy methods of driving votes. Not only do they go against the principles of fair play, but they are often easy for the sponsors to catch. Most contests have ways of analyzing the votes their entrants' receive.