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The Professors were also grudgingly jealous of me because none of them had placed a novel at the time and eight of my novels had been published. To further anger many English and Creative Writing Professors I think tenure is a joke, which has nothing to do with this book, but it does have a lot to do with the overpriced university system I am talking about the United States. To my great satisfaction and enjoyment my students thoroughly enjoyed the course and its philosophies even though my writing requirements were rather tough, three 2, word stories for the first three weeks, followed by two rewrites a week.

The final was a finished hundred word story. My grading system was based on effort. If people showed no effort or desire to participate I dropped them from class so they did not get an incomplete or I had to fail them. I tried my best to encourage each student to follow their own muse with their writing and not fall into the world of what every one else decides or professes to be correct - even writers succumb to the desire to be part of the crowd - which, in my opinion, stifles the unique creativity within each of us.

I will say with pride many of my students are now published by reputable presses. The rest have done what most people do who give up on a writing career — they either became alcoholics, some form of illegal substance addict, or teachers, a small percentage became alcohol and drug addicted teachers.

Full text of "Encyclopedia Of Mystery And Detection"

This is not a how to book. Although there is one fact that is always true on how to write a novel, maybe not a bestseller but at least to finish a novel — the fact is simply DO IT. There are no excuses although people who profess to be writers can come up with hundreds of excuses why they cannot finish their novel.

It does not necessarily take an education or deep inspiration to write a book — it takes diligence and work.

This is also true for short stories and poetry. Author Robert K.

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Swisher Jr. His books have received national reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and many others. Robert K. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! This modern jewel follows an ordinary chap who finds his house demolished and the Earth destroyed in order to make way for a hyperspace bypass. The original radio comedy format ensures a tight, pacy read as Dent is bounced around the universe.

The relationship between the parent dogs and their puppies is lovingly explored and the search unfolds as a thrilling adventure. The author of the Mr Benn series has a talent for playful picturebooks that concisely express something of the quirks and contradictions of the human condition. Here, a powerful General is furious when his invading troops meet no resistance in the last unconquered territory and instead befriend its people. Three children who live in an orphanage under the uncaring custody of social workers and therapists decide to run away.

Their escape is perilous, but when they meet a girl named Heaven Eyes, there seems to be some small hope in their otherwise bleak world. Almond at his thought-provoking best. In a community dominated by power and battles, a misfit Viking teenager rescues and befriends an injured dragon. Can the two outsiders unite to be accepted and live happily? But one night, Star is not there and Fox must venture into the world alone and make new friends. A funny picturebook fable about two hapless amphibians.

Not all picturebooks are for toddlers. Scottish poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy created this darkly beautiful story for older children. A witch steals all the happy endings to bedtime stories and one brave girl must save them. Magical reading for any child with a restless spirit and a creative imagination. Nine-year-old Pippi lives all by herself with a horse, a monkey and a suitcase of gold coins. As a result, she confounds the village grown-ups and spends her days on wild and wacky adventures.

When a pilot is forced to land his plane in the desert, he meets a mysterious little boy who tells him a series of fascinating and wise stories. This simple fable of imagination and compassion has been a treasure handed from parent to child for generations ever since it was first published 70 years ago. Many authors address themes like the stresses of peer pressure and the threat of violence through fantasy writing.

McGowan tackles these head-on in an account of a boy who unwillingly becomes ensnared in a local gang war. Intelligent and honest without being sensational, this is a serious work of bold fiction. Here, a young girl must follow her strong-headed brother down a dark tunnel, but when she emerges into a dark forest, she finds that Jack has been turned to stone…. This is a beautiful picturebook celebration of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in which each declaration is illustrated by a different artist or illustrator.

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Ahlberg is a master of playful, smart stories for picturebook and storybook readers and this adventure is one of his more recent gems. This is the second in a series of fantasy thrillers published between and The adventures draw on Arthurian legends, and Celtic and Norse mythologies. A breathless yarn. However, during lessons at school, he realises that poetry could be the perfect channel for his feelings. The rich and colourful illustrations in this book add to its nostalgic feel.

A little tin mouse and his son are accidentally broken and thrown away.

Grammar Nazis are not Always Rite, Right, Write

Jim Hawkins finds a map and sets off on the Hispaniola on a dangerous quest with his friends. However, they're not alone in the search for the booty. Danny lives in a caravan with his father William, who mends cars and has a nifty sideline in poaching pheasants.

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One night William is caught in a trap, and thereafter they begin to hatch a brilliant plan to get revenge on the greedy landowner Mr Hazell. This complex page-turner centres around Auggie, starting school after being home educated all his life. To add to this challenge, Auggie has a severe facial disfigurement that inevitably leads to cruel treatment from many and overprotectiveness from others. A vivid and surprisingly life-affirming read. A family goes searching for a bear in this poetic little adventure.

A great storybook for children suffering sticky times with their friends. Harriet aspires to be a writer and has a habit of putting down her brutally honest opinions in a notebook. When her classmates discover this, she is ostracised as a spy. Linus wakes up in a dark underground cell, unsure how he got there. At first he thinks he might have been kidnapped for money, but as other prisoners arrive, it seems mental and physical torture is all their captor wants. Can they survive? Will they escape? A challenging, vivid and uncompromising book. Schoolboy Kay Harker finds himself caught up in a battle to possess a magical box that can travel through time.

For Kay, it is the start of a dangerous journey to stop magician Abner Brown seizing the box for his evil purposes. First published in , the adventure has lost none of its thrilling pace. An industrial age fairytale. A baby caterpillar eats his way through lots of different foods and gives himself a tummy ache. Then he spins a cocoon and rests, eventually emerging as a stunning butterfly. Brilliant for first counting and learning days of the week, this million-selling classic started life as a doodle when Carle was playing with his hole-punch.

When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to a new home near the Enchanted Wood, they discover a magical tree and meet strange new friends, Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy. When they climb to the top of the tree they are transported to other lands and find themselves on fabulous adventures. While playing, the children unearth a grumpy sand fairy, who grants them a series of daily wishes, each lasting until sunset. The resulting escapades and mishaps shape this amusing read. Four children evacuated during The Blitz discover a magical land called Narnia, entered through an old wardrobe.

They become entangled in a conflict between good and evil and must overcome their fears to save this enchanted world. Emily loves her cuddly rabbit, Stanley. However, when the Queen decides she wants Stanley, she sends increasingly generous offers to swap him for shiny new toys. Emily, however, flatly refuses. When the Queen finally steals him, what will Emily do to get him back? Although his new friend Stig only speaks by grunting, the pair enjoy lively adventures together.

The silly scrapes that Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and friends get into continue to charm thanks to the dry humour in the telling.

30 Day Spending Detox: The Simple Plan to Save Money & Get Out Of Debt in One Month

A reckless young wizard attempts a spell beyond his ability and accidentally unleashes an evil shadow-beast. The prince is tutored by Merlyn to prepare him for royal responsibility. With magic and a few lapses of historical accuracy, the adventures of jousting, falconry and medieval derring-do make for a thrilling epic, much more gritty than the Disney adaptation. A stunning picturebook for children and adults, expressing so much without words.

A man leaves his homeland in search of a better life. We follow him and other immigrants, as they try to communicate, settle and find work. The story ends with his family joining him, looking forward to the future. This tale about young rabbits is anything but cuddly. A fabulous, poetic and at times heartbreaking read. Fans of the sillier excesses of Roald Dahl and Roddy Doyle? The police find that fact a little too suspicious to be mere coincidence. Elly Griffith's first stand-alone mystery novel is most notable for its literary tricks.

Henry like finale as the closing section of the book. I liked the frequent literary allusions to detective and ghost story fiction. Clare is an English teacher and a devotee of Victorian novels, notably Wilkie Collins. I found Detective Sgt. It always makes me smile when a writer creates literally-minded police either male or female who cannot wrap their heads around what makes creative people tick. She is also absurdly judgmental and prejudiced against beautiful or attractive people.

Such a snarky cynic!

She lives with her parents and has mixed feelings about how she ended up where she is. An interesting angle to the plot is that she is a graduate of the secondary school where the murder victim taught English. So the murder investigation for her is tainted with unpleasant memories of her teen years and unexpected reminders of her past like discovering that her first boyfriend a failure of an attempt to be straight is now a teacher at the school they both attended.