e-book Video Marketing Insider Secrets: Boost Your Business

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The Presidential Election: in Graphic Novel style. Think Online Marketing: Beware of Viral. Beware of businesses who offer you something that looks too good to be true. Our old friend the Dollar Shave Club makes a reappearance as well. Also caught in our trawling net this week: Disney acquired Star Wars this week — great video.

Disney An oldie featuring a cute Vader and 55 million views! Hurricane Sandy bringing Social Media to the fore. Tuesday Tube: Focus, Attention and Colours. Yesterday Ben spoke about the importance of focus in marketing. For video marketers, those 90 seconds of attention are incredibly crucial, and the message should be conveyed properly without too much flash or distraction. See you Thursday. Does your marketing hit the target or miss? Because Startcut is an online video startup, I see a lot of videos from other startups that either upload their video via Startcut.

They realize that their product could be used in vario. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

e-book Video Marketing Insider Secrets: Boost Your Business

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Author, blogger and public speaker Brian Solis has written articles on the future of business and marketing. His advice for tech-savvy entrepreneurs speaks to the realities of the market today. With thought-provoking articles written by marketing practitioners, the Social Media Explorer blog provides the latest news and tips on how to leverage social media for effective marketing. The Rightmix Marketing blog delivers marketing advice for both small business owners and major company executives.

Founded in , D Custom has evolved from publishing company to digital marketing agency, where journalism experience meets content and media strategies to achieve results. Their blog covers hot-button topics in digital marketing that are not covered in any other blog. This digital B2B agency specializes in developing digital media for marketers as part of their content strategies. While they specialize in written digital media, they are devoted to helping businesses generate leads and build brand awareness.

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Here are a few articles on video marketing from their blog, ManagingEditor. CopyPress employs a team of creatives that create gripping marketing and advertising content for a wide range of clients. The Visually blog provides helpful examples of successful marketing strategies that have produced results for different clients and companies.

The blog for the Boston-based Pepper Gang digital agency covers specific topics in video marketing, including examples and strategies on successful campaigns. Founder and online marketing expert John Lincoln is one of the main contributors for this blog. A number of blog posts contain helpful videos that show effective approaches to marketing.

Or follow their Social Media account — Twitter. The IT services and design company is a helpful resource for digital marketing advice. Or follow their Social Media accounts — Twitter Instagram. With a wide range of contributors from different fields, Your Escape from 9 to 5 delivers news on blogging, content marketing, website improvement, and even financial freedom. AdPulp covers the most urgent issues and stories coming from the field of marketing communication. The blog includes videos of effective marketing campaigns from the most exciting agencies in the United States.

The Marketing Profs blog contains resources for every marketing-related topic. Articles are presented in a detailed fashion, complete with infographics to show how certain strategies work. Want to learn about important SEO trends? Search Engine Journal covers the latest news and tips on search engine optimization. Marketing expert Jim Connelly has helped businesses of all sizes with their marketing strategies.

His blog shows in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies in the changing world. It only takes a few minutes of your time to stay updated!

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  6. The blog for the Kaleidico agency covers marketing topics related to SEO and lead generation. Ad campaigns, apps, and trends are among the topics covered on the Mobile Marketer blog. Want to reach Generation Z and their friends? He is the present CEO of the marketing insider group.

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    You can connect with Michael by twitter , LinkedIn and Facebook! In you must see your content strategy as a pyramid rather than a bucket if you want to stand out. In the past we treated content like a bucket that we had to constantly fill. Now you need to see it more like a pyramid, with fewer but much higher quality content pieces at the top, and the rest filled in by repurposing parts of those main pieces. Hitesh Bhasin is unarguably one of the most influencing content experts in the marketing niche. Hitesh, with his in-depth marketing knowledge, is helping millions of students, professionals, and businesses from every part of the world.


    He aims to educate his audience with real-life practical marketing tutorials on his blog. No matter if you are a small, medium, or large business or even a fresher who aims to build a career in marketing, Hitesh got your back with his marketing91 blog. Deepak Kanakaraju is a blogger and digital marketer. He also shares brilliant content marketing techniques and growth hacks on his website Digital Deepak. PixelTrack is a performance marketing company that also deals in digital marketing training, career services, digital marketing services, web development services for clients and sells SaaS products.

    Deepak also founded Digital Marketing Club, an offline networking club for digital marketers. Members of the club have opportunities to learn, network and grow. With MemberSpeak, members of the club get an opportunity to speak on stage and grow their public speaking skills. Apart from writing blogs, books and creating online courses, he spends hours learning new things everyday and wants to inspire people to learn something everyday.

    Daily learning should be a habit. You can connect with Deepak by Twitter , Linkedin and Facebook. His copywriting skills have made a strong impact on conversion for B2B, SaaS and agencies around the world!